US/EU Military Simulation Programs

August 8, 2018

“Whether it’s a tank or a 1969 Mustang you need, we have you covered.”

In 2015 military simulation industry veterans from BISim decided to test our claim and invited us to translate our games and film expertise on a new platform: EU and US army training programs. We set ourselves a challenge of bringing PBR materials to a technology that runs on a vastly varied hardware. This quality-oriented decision turned a one-off collaboration into a partnership that continues to this day.

Over the last 3 years we produced hundreds of assets: characters, vehicles, weapons and environmental objects. The collaboration remains an exciting challenge, recently adding 3D scanned content to the hand-crafted artwork.

Let's hear BISim's Mark Lacey (Art Director) and Chris Torchia (Art Manager) reflect on the experience:

Milsim market is highly demanding - requiring high specification and rapid turnaround. With the massive scope and thousands of requirements, we would not be able to produce artwork that met modern game industry standards without a massive shift in strategy and leveraging outsourcing. The company leaders have since praised the end result of both reducing the cost of asset creation while increasing the quality of our output. It would not have been possible without exceptionally close collaboration with Rascals.

Now you know it too. Whether it’s a tank or a 1969 Mustang you need, we have you covered.


Producer: Tom Roller
Art Directors: Vasili Patelaros, Roman Mindek