Join our Monthly Networking with Games and VFX Professionals

October 10, 2018

Keeping art alive. With that goal in mind, we set up a monthly Drink and Draw event dedicated to networking with artists, directors and production designers from many different areas of the creative space and time continuum; film, theatre and videogames industry.

The first event took place at the premises of the Cross Club, thanks to support of Cross Attic team and INK magazine. We had the opportunity to create a space combining drawing exercise (live model), pop-culture (80s music is a must) and a cozy bundle of good atmosphere, beer, card games (Cards against humanity for the win!). These combinations lead our DnD to be a learning opportunity between colleagues, friends and peers.

While using different approaches, whether classical pencil or a tablet, everybody sat in the attic, backs curled or ramrod straight, watching the model closely, focusing on their work in near silence broken only by the Ghostbusters theme. This deceptive calm lasted only till our art director, Roman Mindek, asked the model to switch positions. 30 minutes for each position in four exchanges and our guests could experience the adventure of not having enough time to play with details and a need to switch their work for a different approach.

After drawing, everybody joined in board games or a small-talk over a can of beer. Lights dimmed, intense focus wasn’t suddenly necessary and what began as training suddenly morphed into a relaxed evening among friends.

Drink n Draw is planned on the end of the October. You can find more info about it on our Facebook page along with information how to join us.

Photos by Marek Cieslar