Galactic Frontline: Key Art

February 2, 2018

We were approached by NetEase Games upon positive referral from our previous partner. The Hangzhou-based developer was looking for a team to develop game's original designs into fully-fleshed marketing illustrations that will appeal to eastern and western audiences alike. Rascals' previous experience with Asian clients played in our favour and we ended up having a lot of fun blending the styles of the two cultures.

Some label Zoltarians as the most bad-tempered and callous race in the galaxy – after making sure first that there is no Zoltarian around to hear that.

The noble Ensari possess the most advanced technology with sleek designs that would make Steve Jobs‘ mouth water.

Terrans are the good-old homo sapiens who managed to dodge self-destruction and de-evolution until the solar system started dying out.

Welcome to the turbulent world of Galactic Frontline!


Producer: Tom Roller
Art Directors: Sunder Raj
Artists: Simon Gocal, Joseph Nickson, John Silva, Randall Whiteis